Bükkalja Liget - Heart of Bogács

Year: 2023

Size: 4780m2

Type: public space design

Role: general planning

Location: Bogács

In its current state, the space in front of the school and kindergarten does not have any characteristic elements, nor is its usability clear. The condition of the trees is also questionable. The aim of the design is to create a characterful public space that faithfully reflects the identity of Bogács, and at the same time sets an example for the development of other public spaces in the settlement.

The character of the garden in front of the school has long been given by the dense trees. In the past, it was also called a grove precisely because of this, where the young people met and the locals spent time.

It had its own microclimate and unique atmosphere. Some of the trees are still in good condition, some have been cut down, but the grid is noticeable.

Let the park be full of trees again, a meeting place with its own microclimate, an intense green garden, where it is worth spending time. Let it be a grove again.

The trees in the terrace form a spontaneous forest. The forest has a system. The existing row of trees has apparently been planted with ideal spaces, because the trees have grown healthy and large. These spaces are sorted and enhanced into a grid. We plant new apprentices in the grid. At the moment of planting, we create the new, guiding canopy level.

This continues to grow slowly over the years, until it approaches the height of the current trees, which by then reach the end of their lifespan and give way to new trees.