House of Culture

Year: 2024

Size: 1200m2

Type: cultural building

Role: architecture, general planning

Location: Bogács, Hungary

How can you capture the identity of a village in a building? This question preoccupied us when creating the new house of arts in Bogács. The planning started with the conversion of the current building, but we soon realized that the current building could not serve the needs of the settlement. Therefore, together with the local municipality, we set out to design a new cultural center.

The goal was a house that does not stand out from its surroundings, and adopts its good habits in its forms and massing. It is also an important public building that provides an inviting and dignified background for cultural programs. The building complex also includes the tourist information office, between which two inner courtyards with different characters and functions have been designed. The closed inner courtyard is closely connected to the great hall and is the perfect place for smaller outdoor concerts. The larger courtyard, which opens from the street, contains a small playground and a city public space suitable for meeting your fellow neighbors.