Lujza court

Year: 2023

Size: 350m2

Type: udvarzöldítés

Role: architecture, general planning, cinstruction

Location: Budapest, Hungary

The story of the joint garden project at 36 Lujza Street in the VIII. district dates back to the beginning of 2022. The planning process involved collaborative thinking with the residential community and the office representing the building. During the discussions, the needs were identified, forming the basis for the planning program. The planned courtyard renovation program included the following:

• Beautification of the courtyard

• Need for a covered bike storage from above

• Seating and conversation areas

• Small sandbox for children

• Year-round usable solutions

An important aspect was the consideration of the architectural character of the building. Characteristic elements, such as rounded walls in various parts of the house, influenced the corners of the inserted courtyard elements. The forum appeared as a central element, serving as a gathering place for larger discussions, even residents' meetings. In the center of the forum, there is a small sandbox that functions as a covered table. The bike storage is located near the entrance. In the middle of the courtyard, there is a planting tray, with smaller seating areas designed along its edges. The plant trough at the opposite corner of the courtyard also serves as a boundary for the space.

The plan successfully applied for support within the framework of the Capital's "Égig Érő Fű" program. During implementation, it was crucial that the plans be realized in a manner faithful to the original concept. Therefore, the designers decided to undertake the project's execution. Prefabrication took place at the workshop in Mezőkövesd, with assembly carried out on-site. The architects, under the supervision of the workshop manager, used a circular saw and welder, while the landscape architect planted the vegetation, and everyone contributed to transporting the soil.

Design and construction:

Ágnes Tőrös , András Botos , /Qvarta, Izabella Czél  /Sunplant

Timber prefabrication and workshop:

Lajos Tőrös , Ákos Tőrös

Construction team: Péter Palcsák , Boglárka Fonyódi, Dorina Papp , Feussner Fabian, Szilvia Odry