Museum of Józsefváros

Year: 2022

Size: 750m2

Type: cultural

Role: architectural design, interior design, general planning

The Józsefváros museum is a new institution established by the municipality of the VIII. district that deals with the local history of Józsefváros. Our office undertook the design of the exterior and interior of the museum in order to create a unique and modern venue.

During the planning of the museum, we emphasized flexibility so that the exhibition spaces can be easily adapted to different exhibitions and programs. We create areas in the building that are ideal for holding community events, lectures and workshops.

As part of our interior design concept, we paid special attention to the vertical connection of the floors to create a spacious and bright space. This allows visitors to easily move between the exhibition spaces and explore the varied contents of the museum.

The building is an important part of the row of buildings on Nagykörút, which was taken into account when renewing the street front facades.

Currently, the project is in the construction phase, in which we work closely with the contractors to make the planned museum institution a reality.