Napvirág Kindergarten

Year: 2022
Size: various
Type: childcare
Status: under planning
Role: architectural, interior design and general planning
Location: Budapest, Hungary

We've been working closely together with the municipality of Józsefváros on the renewals of five of their daycare institutions. The socially challenged institutions have different problems and are in need of serious technical and design upgrades. The aim of the small scale interventions is to have a big impact on the wellbeing of the staff as well as the children and make the kindergardens more attractive and inviting to the public. In the design process we've collaborated with the university MOME.

At the Gyerekvirág Kindergarten we are designing a complete renewal of the courtyard, an interior refurbishment and a new entrance building. This will shift the entry area from a back of the supermarket to the Losonci square, a lively public area.