Százszorszép Kindergarten

Year: 2022

Size: 2500m2

Type: education

Role: architecture and interior design

Location: Budapest, Hungary

We’ve started working on the extension and renewal of the Százszorszép kindergarten in the beginning of the year. It is located in the VIII. District of Budapest. It is an institution with outdated conditions, but the community of parents and caretakers is very strong.

The biggest problems are the two buildings which are not connected and the conditions of the existing courtyard. It was vital the renew the outdoor spaces. The kindergarten operates in a zoned outdoor setting, that means that each group has its own designated area. We’ve embraced that and created a pattern of different materials and units which are surrounded by a ring of bicycle lane.

The first stage of architectural interventions was to connect the two buildings. It also gave us an opportunity to give the kindergarten a new entrance and a common space. The new connecting element unifies the existing buildings which is further emphasized by a new common color scheme.

The 2nd stage of the project consists of removing one of the existing buildings and replacing it with a modern additional, which contains double the number of groups. The building opens up to the courtyard, creating an exciting silhouette on the street.