Szent Kozma Medical Center

Year: 2023

Size: 750 m2

Type: healthcare

Role: architecture, interior design, general planning

Location: Budapest, Hungary

Qvarta designed in cooperation with Dot Design the expansion of the Szent Kozma Medical Center in the 8th district.

The expansion of the Szent Kozma clinic included the creation of a modern wing, which houses laboratory tests, on-call care and specialist psychological department.

Full-scale physical and cognitive accessibility received special attention during the design.

Spatial psychology aspects were important , so the use of natural materials, green views and positive colors create a pleasant environment for those staying in the institute.

The external cladding of the building is brick, which traditionally fits into the environment and ensures long-term durability. The use of tactile and calming materials in the interior further increases the well-being of patients and staff, creating a pleasant and healing environment.

Thanks to the modernized and expanded wing, the institution can provide patients with the necessary care even more efficiently and comfortably.